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Monday, July 17, 2017

Well, I have 5 minutes...

We baptized another 2 Philippina sisters yesterday! Sister Bebe and sister Mylene.
Sister Mylene has a background miracle story, but I guess that will just have to wait a month 😉

We have a SUMMER MISSONARY! He's 18. Applying for BYU Hawaii right now. Super good English, so teaching shouldn't be a problem. We get to be with him for 2 weeks!

As of tomorrow, I will be restarting my mission, so don't freak out if I refer to still having a year (even if it's not true). Definitely don't want to go offense to the fam.

LOVE TO YOU ALL! Shout out to Elder Enrique Cahua, who just finished his mission in Dallas Texas. One of the greatest missionaries that ever was! Hopefully he can teach my gringo little brother before he heads out.

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