Week 2

Monday, August 31, 2015

Herro famiry! (That was from Elder Chen) Elder Belknap asked me to inform Simon that he thought Simon was Andrew Slack's brother rather than mine, so I guess that is how much bigger you are than I am.

This week has been tough but inspiring even more so. I have gained no more than two pounds, and to Simon, I'm up to day thirteen and I can do 13 pushups in 10 seconds, so I'm ahead of schedule. Tell me if you are able to view the pictures I send, because for some reason I can't view them all on this computer.

The MTC choir is so much fun! Even though it seems like no one is able to sing in tune around you, you hear the final result and suddenly the spirit enters the room and you hear the music of heaven making up for those that don't know the difference between singing and having a seizure. The camera is working great, and hopefully you get these pics so that I can empty the card. Whatever works though. Language has become no longer line upon line, but more like the blessings of heaven are coming out of a fire hose in the window and we just have to try to catch all of it!

My name is Daai Jeuhng Louh (meaning literally Elder Big). I'm not sure what the big deal is though with knowing the name's meaning.

Did you get my letter yet? I put it in the box on Friday so it should be coming in around today. Tell me how it works out, but if you didn't get it yet, just know that I need one pair of large extra support bottoms because one of mine ripped while participating in a 1000 meter rowing machine competition in which I lost thanks to my not so trusty bottoms. I only lost by 10 meters though. I don't want mesh! It just seems uncomfortable.

How is school going? Friends? Crazy people that you saw on the street? Keep me posted.

I am loving the language! I have struggles, but it seems like there are repeated confirmations of the gift of tongues in all of us every day. We are all working on our set daily, weekly, and for me 10 week goals. I have made constant adjustments because I have surpassed my own goals and expectations by so much. I'm learning more intimate and heartfelt phrases, testimony, specifically addressing my father in Heaven, and I even had a dream in semi-Cantonese (it was terribly boring).

In last nights devotional, we were told to testify to our families and friends instead of simply relaying a travel logue, so hopefully that will be a positive change in my communication.

This last week was hard in language class for the first part. I was struggling to say what I wanted because, you know, I always get caught up in what I try to say and I mix up my words. I was then approached by Jong Hing Daai (Brother Johnson) and told that I needed to simplify my message and teach more from the Spirit than from my own thoughts. I never thought I would have that problem, but I realized that the reason I was having this problem was because I didn't recognize the fact that when someone is converted, they will continue learning from others. There will be church classes, the spirit, the temple, and the scriptures available for them to learn continuously. I wasn't trusting that if I helped open the gate for the investigator through baptism and confirmation, God would guide them to other mouthpieces that can instruct and edify in other ways that I wouldn't have thought of at the time. I actually got a little teary. I understood more fully the plan that God has for his people though. I now feel like my job isn't so overwhelming. It's still important, but I have God and his many servants to help me, not to mention the magnified Spirit that aids me in my duties.  As 3 Nephi 27:20 states, I have gained a fresh view of myself, God, and my surroundings.

I hope you are feeling the blessings, love and strength that I send to you every night. My testimony is so much stronger, and though I keep thinking that there isn't any more to learn about something, I am always humbled by how much I don't know. Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God, who through the power given to him by his Heavenly Father restored this Gospel with all the require keys and ordinances of the priesthood, as well as the full and undeniable doctrine of our Savior Jesus Christ. That he willingly Atoned for our sins and overcame the bonds of death and misery so that we could return to Heaven is a fact and a privilige that will never cease to fill my heart with wonder and gratitude. I am sent as a representative of Jesus Christ with a purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ through Faith in Jesus Christ and his Atonement, repentance, baptism, the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. I am more and more fully consecrating my efforts to his will and the consequential blessings of doing this are endless. So I leave you this testimony in the name of my Savior Jesus Christ, Amen

P.S. I challenge you all to come up with a question every week to send to me so that I can study them and answer them the following week. Sound good?

This is my companion Elder McGrath

This is a lot of guys from my district, but not all of them.

 Also me at the temple.

Me with Elder Hale. 

 Also, me with McGrath pointing to our TINY mission.

Name Tag and my Chinese name.

Everyone is obsessed with their pointers. I don't have one (yet).

Temple again. I figured it out! This computer is so difficult to find things on.
Hopefully you got all of those. So difficult to navigate through these computers. Plus I have to get into quite a few files to get into the camera memory. Love ya!

Week 1

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey! So quick question: how long have you been surrounding the computer this morning (HA!).

I just got back from the temple, but I somehow missed in the rule book that I'm not allowed to join in the prayer circle. No one told me when I started walking up, but I guess that's okay. It was some seventy year old looking lady that I don't think I have much of a chance with.

I love the MTC! The teachers, my district, my branch presidency, even the food. Haven't checked my weight yet, but I'll do that later today, and if I have any minutes left on the computer I'll update you guys.

My companion's name is Elder McGrath. I can't use the adaptor you sent me because there is no port on the MTC computers for it (at least not that I have seen). Please try to send me a USB adaptor for the camera. Please and thank you!
We are always discussing in district meetings how we want a culture, and how hte only things we should discuss are the gospel and the language, basically hot to better serve our purpose.  Some of the missionaries are better at this than others.
The language is extremely difficult, but I have seen the blessing of the gift of tongues in almost every member of our district. We all can greet, get in an investigators home, bear a basic testimony, and say a basic prayer.  About the language, we have this thing called the Brown Bible (I call it Bruce Lee). It's pretty much our primary source of language as far as sharing the gospel and learning vocabulary and phrases. Elder Belknap and Elder Chen are also in my district. I room with Elder Belknap, which is a tender mercy of the Lord. I know someone! Seen a lot of friends here and hopefully I'll see more coming in. Everyone stay strong, and I hope you feel the same amount of strength from me as I feel from you.

As for Sister Gibson (Sam Ji meuih), she is in my district and she and sister lo (Louh Ji Meuih) are very nice sisters.

I haven't cried yet, but know that I miss you guys and that I pray for you every night, even in Cantonese. I love you all and hopefully you will send my love to anyone who needs it. The work is moving on at an accelerated pace and I'm so excited to be a part of it. Have a wonderful week and remember the spirit that you have felt always.

Also, with my last five minutes that I saved for this purpose, would you be able to send me these things:
My consecrated oil vial (should be on my keys), approved CD player, letter paper, stamps, and a lint roller (please don't forget the usb adaptor:)) Love you guys, and thanks for sending me stuff. It really helps me stay sane and patient.
Never mind! don't send the adaptor, I think I figured it out, but I don't have my stuff with me right now, So I'll see if I can sent it to you next week.

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