Special Birthday Experience...week 99

Monday, July 10, 2017

Few people will get the chance to baptize someone on their birthday...I was blessed with 2!
I found Leila in April this year in a far away place. She learned very quickly but was nervous about baptism because of what her sister would say. She mustered the courage to invite her to an activity though, and Leah (said twin sister) never stopped coming after that. The spirit of the Lord was so strong with them. Now they can share it with their family of 8 siblings in the Phillipines!

Also went to MLC with none other than Elder CJ Belknap...the Springville reps in the Council. I also was very wet because it rained. I had an umbrella, but that doesn't matter in Hong Kong Rain...
Elders of the home bought some cake...and found a balloon that just floated down on them...a little deflated, but WOW!

Leila and Leah baptism:

Birthday celebration with cake and a surprise balloon!

Ian and Elder Belknap from Springville:

Notes from Mom: Ian has been asking about souvenirs to bring home.  "I could also get Owen a Chinese 三合一, but I don't know if they have it in simplified characters. You could ask him what he wants." I thought this was a great idea, but had to verify that this was a triple combination.  He confirmed and followed up with the following, which I thought was interesting: "The church has not been authorized to publish a Bible in Chinese..."
Also, last week Ian mentioned that he could "fake" his "death" to serve in Mainland.  Bryan said he could always go teach Ninja Basketball.  The Ian we know and love responded: "You know, the gospel is a lot like basketball (that would have to be the way I started every single lesson...)"  We will see him in 39 days!

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