Monday, November 30, 2015

Hello Everyone! Hope that you are all still feeling pretty full from Thanksgiving! I have had so much happen in the past week. So much to report. Here we go.

First, a huge experience I had with a man named Ng Sing San and his daughter Betty. We taught the Plan of Salvation on Monday after P-day ended. Towards the end of the lesson, I suddenly had a massive prompting to pull out my family photos and tell them about how the plan of salvation has helped not only me, but my entire family. Ng Sing San looked first. I could feel my ability to perceive his feelings heighten like I had never felt before. After a few seconds of looking, he looked at his daughter for the longest time. It was silent, and Betty just looked, commenting on how pretty my mom and sister were and how fat we all looked (fat in cantonese is a little bit more of a compliment in cantonese). I bore testimony that we as families have potential to live together forever, and I knew something was struck in his heart. We invited him to our BBQ (I'll elaborate on how that went in just a second) and also invited him to church. Usually what he does in the past is he'll drop Betty off and then wait in the bastketball court down the street and sit for ALL THREE HOURS and then pick her up. This week though, he came to sacrament meeting. He stayed the entire meeting. He had to leave with Betty yesterday because he had some "stuff to take care of" whatever that means. He seemed a little different after that. Good different. I can't wait for the future with them.

Second, Thanksgiving and Zone 24's. Thanksgiving was delicious and President Lam and his wife as well as Elder Pack and Sister Pack. Lots of food, loads of fun, and afterwards, we had Zone 24's: 24 hour exchange that happens every month in the zone. I was put with Elder McGowan. For those who don't know, he was in the same MTC group as me, so we have similar experience levels. He was given the responsibility by his companion to end up teaching four lessons total with me. First lesson was with a man who was just about to be baptized in the coming weeks. That was a good comfort. 

The next morning, I realized I hadn't packed running shoes, So I tried to use someone else's size 11 shoes (that worked for about the duration of the elevator ride down before we turned around because I wear size 14 usually). We were skipped on by our next investigator (who is supposed to be kind of crazy anyways), had another lesson after lunch that was simply a melt down in my head. I couldn't understand him, and neither could Elder McGowan. We eventually gave up trying to teach him because he wouldn't listen to a word we said. Invited him to keep reading the Book of Mormon, and were able to schedule another meeting with him (thank goodness). I felt really down though and, being selfish, became very frustrated with my skills for not being better.

 The last lesson we had after dinner and right before the exchange ended was with a man that lives in an area what we call a "shingle". About 500 homes all smashed together with pretty much no system of location at all. We couldn't find a mail man and no one could help us because people usually only know how to get to their own houses. Our companions were both in a lesson, so we couldn't call them. We were alone...or so we thought. We looked around for about 10 minutes and ended up completely lost. We couldn't even find our way out because the roads inside are NOT straight and all are pretty much a dead end. We stopped, sat, and felt like giving up. We had 5 minutes until the appointment with this investigator who was really close to being ready for a baptismal date. We said a prayer though, and as we looked up in thanks to the spirit that we both felt, we saw it...the number of the mans house! We had evidence of God's support. He stopped us at just the right time. The lesson went wonderfully, and he actually brought up how he understood that his previous baptism in the Catholic church was invalid. He bore his own testimony. I was so grateful for that miracle. Great times.

I also have talked quite a lot about how we can apply ourselves to the principles we know with Elder Tung. We are both just simply seeking the more fine points during the day where we feel that we can be more worthy of the blessings of the spirit. Especially concerning language, I wan't to revert to speaking only Cantonese whenever possible with my companion. I need to get this down. All according to the Lords will though. I think of the Hymn "Where can I turn for peace" and realized the turn in it. Almost the entire hymn is focused on the individual. I want peace, I want solace. The last words in the last verse though...Love without end. We can't have that peace for ourselves. It has to be given to us. The peace is a result of feeling love from someone, and in a members perspective we are specifically to seek the love of God. How do we earn it? By showing love to Him. By being willing to give love first, having faith that God will fill the rest and do His part and keep His promises. How do we show love to God? Mosiah 2:17. Serve others. "Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends." The Savior has the perfect love. The most powerful love ever shown by sacrificing Himself for all of us whom He loves so dearly.

Lastly, on a silly note, the monkeys. You would think it would be so awesome to have a monkey sitting two feet in front of you? Not really. Nasty animals that have no limits. They are more familiar with eating food than we are. Before the BBQ started, Elder Tung and I were waiting for everyone. Suddenly, monkey drops out of no where, grabs a loaf of bread, and scrambles just out of reach to eat it in a tree. Oh well, right? Just some bread. No, It kept throwing the chunks at us (thankfully it only threw bread at us). At the end, another monkey showed up and we all ran away after cleaning up because it went crazy in the garbage can. I got a picture though.

Ponderize for this week is Alma 7:22-24. It's our Duty to God to become meek and humble and to about in good works. I am so grateful for the Church's Duty to God program. (I finished everything for that, right mom;)?) Love you all! Ga Yauh!

a vending machine for ink cartriges, 

and a mountain that I wasn't able to run because I forgot shoes.

that tall building in the distance in is Mainland...yeah, we're that close. The monkeys too...

Some photos of Thanksgiving meals, courtesy of President Lam's Facebook page:

Very little time left, but Happy birthday to the two women that mean the most in my life. My sister who can start driving now and stop bragging about how much better a driver she is than me, and for my mom whom I owe life, care, and my perspective of the world to. I hope you are both happy, and that you are both progressing. Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the snow!

The week of the end...week 14

Monday, November 23, 2015

Well, I hope that everyone is doing well. I for sure am. A lot better actually. Looking back at last week, I realize that I didn't do a very good job of describing the situation between me and my companion. We have actually been butting heads REALLY hard. During practice lessons, after finding, during phone calls, planning sessions daily and weekly. We could hardly ever agree on anything. It was very difficult to be able to have the spirit in companionship activities and I could feel myself seeking to avoid him at all costs. We have every day though, come to better terms with each other. Now I can officially say that we feel more like brothers than companions. Sure we didn't wan't to kill each other, but it can be understood that if you don't know someone and haven't become one in your faith in Christ, you WILL NOT be able to teach effectively. Our numbers for the past few weeks have actually proved this to be true. Days and weeks where we have better unity show better results because the Lord trusts us then with more of his blessings and opportunities to share with his sheep the gospel of salvation.
Today we actually had a meeting with all of the trainers and trainees in the mission (literally all 60 Cantonese, 6 Mandarin, and 2 English). Huge meeting. We actually separated for the whole meeting. One group was trainees, the other trainers. When Elder Tung and I got together afterward, we hugged happily and I felt all disputation fade. The perfection of man can only come through Christ. Not only this, but the perfection of men in their relationships and their abilities to become ONE under his guidance.

This brings me to my ponderizing scripture: Hebrews 5:8. We learn obedience in our sufferings, just as the Savior did in his. Just as Elder Tung and I did in this situation. Just as you can every day.

I would like to mention the blaring issue of my appearance here. I am now about 185 pounds, I think I might almost be 6'4" now (though it might just be the short people around me making me feel like I'm growing). I have a pale complexion, blonde hair, and white teeth. My arms, though to most Americans may seem skinny and frail, are only cause to be frightened by how skinny all of the men here are. It's amazing to see these seemingly frail individuals lift items double their weight with ease. They may not look very strong, and they are definitely lacking in their ability to play more western sports like basketball and soccer, they are powerful, and humbly hard working. You hear about people like the sherpas who hike mount Everest every other week carrying the supplies of foreign climbers. They have no problem with their shape so much as what they can do! Yet they will look at someone who is a bit taller or bulkier and stare at them as if they are indestructible. I don't like being looked at that way. I feel alienated (which I guess I am). My job as a missionary is to be their friends. I hope to be able to become better at approaching them in a way that they won't be distracted by physical features. There are things in this world of so much more importance.

Last item.Tell me: If someone like Alma were in your seminary class, what would you think about him? Put aside the muscles of Moroni, or the armor of Teancum and put the personality of one of these scripture heroes into the body of a normal teenager body. What would others think about him? You might be surprised how many people, possibly including yourself, would think of him as strange and weird and even uncomfortable because you are not on the same level of understanding as him. Now amplify that feeling to if the Savior simply walked into your seminary class. Would he be accepted? He came to this world in righteousness and adherence to all the laws, even fulfilling prophecy unto the healing of the afflicted, teaching of the learned, and repentance and healing of the entire world, bringing all men unto Him as they had faith and a desire to put off this mortal in order to become something immortal.
Make a goal to be the person that, though they may stand out and be strange and even not accepted by others, will ALWAYS do what they know is what God wants them to do.
I'm still waiting for an update on Matt Bingham. I really want to know how he's doing.

I love you all. I wish you the best. I pray for you. I feel your prayers in my behalf. Thank you. Strength is something that a missionary just can't get enough of, especially from the endless source of family and friends. Good luck in the coming weeks and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I wish I could toss a football with my brothers right now, but I want them to know that I love them. Ana, you are doing great, I know it. Keep up the good work and forget about the bad things because they'll only hold you down.

Pictures Finally!

Ian with his cousin Tyler Schunk.  They were in the MTC together briefly:

Two MTC districts together:  Ian's is ready to leave and the other is new!

Ian's district with the 2 flags from their mission, Hong Kong and Macau:

Kwai Chung from above:

even...MORE! Yes, McDonalds has a touch screen order system here because of how popular they are. 

The first meal I made myself in HK has steamed buns and fruit. Super hot in that old apartment in Kwai Chung.

and so forth... The rock path is for walking on without shoes. After finding for a few hours, it's a huge blessing to walk past one. They hurt so much at first though.

it just keeps going. Desk in area 1 vs. Desk in the Temple.

 I also destroy at bowling as a missionary.

Beautiful Views:

Me with my companion.

I also found this thing...The memory of no smoking week in elementary school. Shoutout to anyone who remembers that! Found it in a closet at the church. Scariest moment of the week.

Also Have my new name tag. SEE!

I even got to go to the Bruce Lee museum! I look so weird in Asia.

To answer your questions:
1. We do have stuff for the zone planned for thanksgiving, as well as a surprise piece of information that I will give you when it gets closer to Christmas. Don't worry so much about us, but we are actually in high demand of snacks. Sour patch is the best, but granola bars are really really nice. Thank you for the toothpaste. Pens. Maybe some small folders for all of the talks mission orienters that are accumulating on my desk. FYI, I actually had the opportunity to go with a couple of other missionaries to a real MUJI store. They have WAY more than just office supplies, though those are definitely of the highest quality and variance. It's like the Japanese IKEA here!
2. I found a card reader that WORKS! Thank you China for having everything tech-wise.

Temple P Day Week 13

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I am so angry right now. I am officially an enemy of all sony products. I still haven't found any card reader that reads Sony memory sticks. I'm sorry everyone, I'm trying my best, but I don't have much time in the first place to look for an adaptor, and I may have made the massive mistake of sending the usb chord that works for this camera home. I understand that after this, none of you will ever want to talk to me again, but hopefully you can forgive me. I really am trying.

Sorry for the lateness, but this week is a little different...I was able to have the opportunity to go to the temple and do a session today. This is why my preparation day was moved to Wednesday (I guess it is Tuesday for you all. Almost Wednesday).

I have been exhausted the last week and a half, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Elder Tung and I were able to perform a priesthood blessing for a woman who had her operation for cancer. We still haven't received any news on how she's doing, but we're including her in our prayers.
We've also taught quite a few investigators and met with some less actives. One specific investigator named Cyrus (that's just his English name) offers every week to learn English from us in exchange for us teaching him the lessons. He has been not very receptive in his record, but since we started working with him, he has actually begun to progress. He's praying now. He is reading the Book of Mormon and ALL of the materials that we give him. We are going to invite him to church next week and see if he is willing to do that. If he does, that will be a huge success in getting passed his motive of learning english in order to actually help him develop faith.

The members are amazing. We are actually getting chenged out tonight by Leih Hing Daaih. Cheng out is when a member takes us out for a meal and we share a message with them. I'm in charge of the lesson, and we're really excited to be with him and his family. FYI, Hing Daaih and Ji muih are the way we say "brother" or "sister".

Also, random question that has actually been bothering me almost the entire week: How is Matthew Bingham doing? How is school for him? I would really like to get into contact with him and/or his family. Matt has always been a great example to me of how to be more christlike. He's a man of greatness, not complexity. A man of power, not of pride. Even if I can't get in contact with him, I hope that he knows how great his impact on me was.

I can no longer keep up with the push-ups per-second. I got to 89 and couldn't do the 90th push up in time. CHAAAAAAHM! Shoot! I'll still work on it though, even if my companion keeps calling me fat (still don't know if he's serious or not when he calls me that).

I am so glad that Simon Adam and Owen had the opportunity to meet Taysom. When he bore his testimony while I was in the MTC, I could almost feel a little bit of the anger that he had given up in order to be a truer disciple. His injuries are a trial, but he looks at them in a different way than most people do. He doesn't mind the effect that they have on his football career nearly as much as they affect him as a person. He really has quite a grasp on what is most important to him. He's a very inspiring individual.

Everyone is looking not too much older in the photos (except Adam and Owen of course, but I'm used to them looking older every day). Even my fellow missionaries cannot deny how powerful you all seem.

I had a little confusion when the 15th came around for me. I woke up thinking "Hey, it's my dad's birthday today, and I can't tell him how much I love him and how old he is. Chaam." I was also confused because even though it was the fifteenth that day for me, it was only the fifteenth for both of us simultaneously for a few hours. Got a little caught up in what time was actually the beginning of his birthday. Still not sure, but either way, my dad: He's now 44 years old, has the most impressive beard picture in the China Hong Kong mission, and the provider that my family needs but doesn't deserve. He gives up every ounce of his time and energy to help his wife and children find happiness, even if it isn't always the lasting kind. He simply wants to do the right thing. He is never satisfied with himself and his efforts though. Always pushing to become more, always seeking to magnify his callings as they come. I could never see him hurting someone else on purpose or seeking to be better than them. I know he's not perfect. He told me that almost every day. I still think of him as the best example of a man. I know you all can't see me right now, but I am seriously trying to not break down to tears in order to preserve the life of this macbook pro that doesn't belong to me and is very, very, very expensive, even in Hong Kong. My testimony, my desires, my life, my faith, any strength that I have I owe a lot to my Dad (Mom, you're next on the 29th, and Ana, don't doubt that I'm not going to remember you on the 28th). Dad, thanks for the advice, patience, and long late conversations that we had about things that I was only beginning to understand and still have such a short grasp on. Your forgiveness and willingness to wait for me to someday pick up on what you have taught repeatedly are a big motivation to keep trying. I wish you could see me now and hopefully I could get the approving smile that I caught so diligently in my growing up. I love you, and I have no doubt that you love me. I actually dedicate my ponderizing scripture to you this week (even though it may be a slightly shorter week).

Alma 48: 11-13, 17. "A strong and mighty man"? Check. "A man of perfect understanding"? No doubt. You don't delight in bloodshed, but your soul joys in the liberty and freedom of his brethren and country. A heart swelling with thanksgiving unto God. A man who labors diligently and exceedingly for the welfare of his people (family or otherwise). Firm in the faith of Christ. Sworn with an oath to defend his people even with his life.
"Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Bryan John Taylor, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men."

It's about midnight where most of you are (with a couple of exceptions). I hope I don't come off as offensive in any way when I send out my emails. I know that my English is struggling right now and I owe a lot to this macbook's ability to correct me so well.

Love to all. I pray for you. Please forgive me for my inability to send pictures at the time. Someday I'll get it right. To all of my siblings, I wish I could have been more than I was, but I hope that I can impart to you any fraction of what I feel this mission is turning me into. Almost 190 pounds and I don't feel fat. Almost done the second time through the book of mormon on my mission and I still feel like I don't know enough. Keep the faith. Ga yauh.

These are pictures of today's temple trip with the district. Not mine, my companion's.

 I tried to force a second baptism on my companion in front of the temple. A little ode to the Nacho Libre on the 4-wheeler picture of Uncle Matt that I saw (for those of you who understand that).

Ian's awesome Uncle Matt, which explains the Nacho Libre reference:

Q and A Week 12

Monday, November 9, 2015

So when you put your questions all together, it would be a lot easier if you just put them, how do I say this, ALL together. I don't have very much grip on English any more, so I'm struggling. To answer as many as I can though:

1) If you're not eating, your finding or with an investigator (or maybe on the subway). These people live to eat, which makes me wonder how they are all so small and skinny! Crazy, but that's how it is. I haven't actually met with any investigators yet. I'm very discouraged by that and how they are always rescheduling, but they are the ones rescheduling, so that's something to be happy about because at least they want to meet with us (I think). Either way we wouldn't eat with them though. In this culture you only feed the people you know, and you feed them until they explode.

2) Especially because we are living in Kowloon but serving in Tai Wai, we are forced to eat out quite often because of the inability to go home. It's very inexpensive though once you figure it out. That's why we have trainers right? My trainer actually never has the ability to finish his meals so he usually gives the rest to me, so I usually don't have to buy very much in the first place. Kind of sad that I'm literally feeding off of my companion, but that's the way it is. No waste of food will happen while I'm here.

3) Typical day: wake up and exercise for 30 min. 1 hour to get dressed and ready for the day. Personal Study for 1 hour, companionship study for 1, Language for 1. Lunch. We might go finding or to an appointment or do the other hour of comp study that I have to do for the first 12 weeks in the field. Finding is usually quite a long time since we are not very booked at the moment with investigators and we haven't had as much success as we would like in finding, but that's okay. Alma 26:27+37 has been especially helpful this week for that purpose of bearing afflictions and giving myself.

4) Language is still coming. It's hard having a companion who spends his time during language study doing other stuff not needing to learn a language, but I can't complain. I have seen so much improvement and hopefully others can see it too.

5) I decided to not worry about my release date for now. It's not too important at the moment and I don't want to get caught up looking beyond the mark. Everything has a time and place and the spirit tells me that release date is not now. I have met with President Lam though...almost every night. He's right across the hall from my apartment. Such an amazing man. I don't have anything in specific, but anything you send is super appreciated. I'll probably need toothpaste someday, but as far as soap goes, I have gone the way of my father in using baby soap. It's the best, cheapest, and simplest solution (plus it smells like peaches.)

I actually had quite a struggle with my companion this week. I have been a little frustrated in some situations where I try to talk to someone and he simply keeps walking. Afterwards, he tells me what I did wrong (like he should) as far as language goes and tells me how awkward it felt. "Trust me I know" was my sin of the week. Why? I'm realizing more and more how prideful I truly am. I read a talk this week by President Ezra Taft Benson from the May Ensign of 1989 called "Beware of Pride." I am now seeking to repent of all of my pride. I don't know all of my weaknesses. Am I supposed to though? If a man or woman had all their weaknesses made known to them by God at one moment, would it help, or would it destroy them? God teaches us line upon line so that we 1) don't get overwhelmed and 2) so that we don't become angry. I actually felt really close to getting angry with my companion for pointing out my weaknesses for a while. God made my pride known to me though, and I have a little more understanding of what real humility is and how it is really more of a process than anything. Getting rid of your pride is the first step to perfection...and the last. All sin comes from our choosing to let satan in through the door that we refuse to keep closed to him because when the spirit tells us to keep it closed, we too often tell it to shut up and get out. The spirit is then replaced. For if a man returneth to his house after having the evil spirit cast out, finding his house empty and garnished, then will he go and find seven other spirits more evil than he, and his circumstance will be worse than in the beginning (See Luke 11). Your pride causes damning and degrading consequences. I invite you to look up this talk by President Benson and find the suggestions that he gives on how to begin giving up your pride. If it's still not enough, look at this:

My ponderize scripture this week is Alma 33:14. If you have a problem or a question or you "just don't know" the scriptures.

I know that they are sent from heaven. Sacrifice has been placed on every single page of these sacred works. We have innumerable resources both ancient and modern that can provide answers, comfort, insight, and the fullness of the gospel in these latter days. We have prophets, one who is living today holding all of the keys required for salvation and leading the Church of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the truest book ever written and we would all do well to never forget to study it with the deepest intent that we can muster and abide by the principles that we learn. What then? Share. Discuss. Preach. Proclaim the good news to all within sight an hearing. 2 Timothy 4:1-5. This is the charge to all of us.

Q and A Week 11

Monday, November 2, 2015

1.        Does your camera work for you to upload pictures on the computers you use where you are?
2.       Where do you use the computer on p day?

3.       When will you typically use the computer on p day?

1-3. Camera works fine. Yes I usually use a computer on P-day. It's just that last time (and unfortunately today as well) I have had to use a computer that doesn't have an SD port. Next week I promise I will have plenty of pictures, and this is why...

4.       Where do you live in Kwai Chung?  We looked it up.  So many shipping containers!  There is a large sports complex in the vicinity.  What is the train station closest to your house?  We want to look at what is around you.  

4. I have been in Kwai Fong/Chung for about two weeks (almost). Well, last night we got a call from the mission president. We are to be packed and ready tomorrow at an unknown time so far to go to a new area (Tai Wai). The actual place of our current apartment is on Mei Fong Road, where we are conveniently on the same road as a chapel 3 stories tall with a baptismal font.

5.       Have you been teaching lessons?  Do you have any baptism commitments yet?  No pressure, just wondering how teaching is going.

5. Yes to lessons. No baptisms or dates. However, yesterday was an amazing sacrament meeting. Fast and testimony meeting I was asked to come up and bear my testimony in Cantonese. Terrible grammar, but I could feel the spirit empowering me and the people in the congregation. I was able to participate in the confirmation of Sister Jeung as well with my companion. That was one of the top 10 most spiritual experiences of my life. Baptism of water and fire, of the spirit, is a special ordinance that is part of the distinguishing truths contained in the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My ultimate goal as a missionary. The gate to the way of salvation, peace, and Eternal Life.

We will actually have the amazing blessing to live in...the temple. WHAT! We'll be right across the street from the mission office. This is such an amazing opportunity! I'm so grateful for all the blessings that are just being piled on one after the other, where I am just now trying to learn how to swim in such a deep ocean of the love of my Heavenly Father. Of course all that love is not reserved for me alone. I am experiencing the love he has for me combined with every single individual I come in contact with. I simply cannot comprehend it and at times it is actually exhaustingly overwhelming trying to remember and absorb all of the principles and truths that are swirling around me. 
Temptations, when they come, are ripped away in the power of the calling that I have been given. I have never been happier in my life. I don't want to ever let this go.
Thankfully I don't have to. Now that I have this perspective, I can keep it and continue to expand it (as soon as I figure this level out first).

7.       Where do you grocery shop?
13.   You mentioned that you eat most meals out since it is less expensive.  What is your typical diet at your apartment and out on the road?

About your later questions, I shop wherever it's cheapest for the specific items. From massive malls to  tiny alleyway shops. I'm using my funds to the best of my ability.

8.       Do you share an apartment with other missionaries?

I currently am living with Elder Shipp (Zone Leader) and Elder Fields, who arrived the transfer before me. Great Elders with strong spirit of unity and involvement in the work. It's been amazing to work alongside them and learn from them.

9.       How did your interview with President Lam go?

The interview was very short. He told me some of the mission goals. Asked if I had any questions, and sent me on my way. Not before bearing his testimony though. The room's temperature seemed to drop as he began. I wasn't cold though. I was simply in awe at his conversion and dedication to the Lord. Even though he has never served a mission because he and his wife are more recently converted to the gospel. I love President and Sister Lam. They are good people and genuinely care for each person, missionary or not.

Ponderize this week is Alma 26:27,37. I love the entire chapter and I feel like it outlines how I desire to feel at the end of my mission. God is  currently hastening his work. I feel it wearing my bones and straining my muscles as I push to move at greater paces and climb higher and higher (in some cases literally due to half the landscape being STAIRS! My calves are going to be massive at the end of my mission). The context is just vital in more fully understanding what afflictions these brothers actually faced and suffered through with utmost patience. Thus we see the mercy of God. I may have challenges in my life. Mission or no. I am asked to endure through them with patience though. I know that I will see the mercy of God. He's promised it. 

10.   Who are some of the families/individuals you are teaching?  Not full names, but what kind of people are they? 
11.   How is the language going?

I'm especially excited this week to see a specific situation that has been such a challenge. I have been teaching a young man who's English name is Alex (English names are so funny here! In English class there's a man who calls himself Dinosaur. It's all I can to to keep myself from laughing in front of him every time he says it.) Anyways, Alex has been meeting with missionaries for about a year. He was not progressing for a long time, but when we started meeting with him, he started up again! This Sunday was the moment of truth though. He didn't keep his commitment to go to church. Now that I'm leaving the area, there's a chance that I will never see this young man again. I know God will care for him though. Obviously I am not meant to do any more with these people. It's sad, but I'm not the one who knows where I am supposed to be or when I am supposed to be there. I am glad for the short time I have had to get to know these people of Kwai Chung and I am expecting miracles to come in Tai Wai. I can feel it. Great things are coming. Any other questions, email me back and I will try to get back to you. Until then, keep the faith and endure your trials well.

Elder Tung is my trainer, so no, he's not going anywhere without me for now. We are leaving Elders Fields and Shipp. I broke my fast yesterday and I had a TON of food because we can't bring all of it that we have with us. Lot's of rice, dumplings, soup from the members yesterday that felt like a baptism in itself because of how healthy it felt. I think there may have been ancient chinese medicine in it. Siu Mai, which are like little dumplings filled with only meat that you steam over your rice. We actually had a Halloween party with the members the day before, so I had a lot  of candy as well. Ice cream from members.

I get to live with the Assistants to the President and the office elders, so all of these super language proficient elders are surrounding me. This is a huge blessing. Love you all! Gotta go though. Tell everyone I love them and pray for their success. Talk to you next week. Christmas is right around the corner!

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