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Monday, July 24, 2017

Went to the temple and ran into the mission president. I will send some pictures next week when I have the adapter for my camera...

I also didn't get to go to church at all this week because we didn't go during the week and we had a "typhoon" that everyone cancelled church for. The typhoon was wimpy though. Now I feel less active. I found my old companion's glasses. He had been looking for them before he left the mission, but couldn't find them. Not exacly the best look for me, but Elder Johnson could do it.

I am a little sunburned because we played Tennis with Brother Benji for two hours...he is sponsored by Prince, so he's got some REALLY nice rackets...

Notes from Mom: Ian is going to bring home some things for Simon to take on his mission, but we aren't sure what size his scriptures will be, but he's on the hunt: ..." That's partly why I got some money out the other day. The other reason was because we have been traveling and I don't want to get reimbursed until the end of the transfer.
Also, about transfers, I will no longer be a Zone Leader in the China Hong Kong mission. My responsibilities will be as a Junior Companion. I'm super excited for this change to see what it will feel like. I'm going to miss the growth that always came with this assignment though.

On Facebook Ian's mission president posted a picture of the Victoria district at the temple.  It includes Ian's summer missionary.  Hopefully we will see more pictures next week!

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